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Hello lil' Gareth! Welcome to your new house! Or is it?

- Poor Gareth... Will he wake up?

Welcome to a world inside a child's mind! Will you ever discover the real story behind the game? As it develops, it will start looking as a copy of Undertale and The Binding of Isaac. You will encounter monsters as ghosts or broken hearts coming to get a hug from you. Your progress will not be saved if you die for now. A demo would probably come tomorrow 17.08.2016 . For now you can download a test version. It only contains a room with random generated loot and monsters. Nothing more. (GAMBKA GAMES 2016)

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Published152 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Tagsbaby, coma, dead, ghosts, hearts
Player countSingleplayer

Download demo

Loot Housing Installer (2 MB)